Add-On 741-180 - Lighted Mudflap w/45-1227R

Lighted Mudflap w/45-1227R

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Lighted Mudflap w/45-1227R

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  • Lighted Mudflap w/45-1227R


This universal mud flap is lighted with 15 bright RED LED lights. The light measures 1 1/4” high and 3 1/2” wide and is encased in beautiful chrome set on a chrome insert plate to add to the appeal for chrome and added reflective elements of the whole piece. The mud flap also has a chrome mounting strap along the top of the mud flap as an added accent. This LED lighted mud flap can be adapted to many bikes including the GL1100, GL1200, GL1500, GL1800 or a trike with the correct mounting bracket. Be safe and be seen.

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